More than Physical

More than Physical

By Christina Martin

February 3rd 2017

970 Muscle is more than just another local gym filled with selfie taking meat heads. Derek and Kristen Trombetta are changing minds and bodies in their quest to make it more than physical in and outside the gym

Working out has proven that it helps your mental stability by lowering anxiety and depression. Not all of us can get to the gym every day or can keep that positive mental mentality when they leave. Derek and Kristen are taking the “I can” positive attitude and are sharing a healthier life style for every one they meet outside the gym and inside.

Kristen, a Colorado Mesa University alumni. States “We are trying to bridge the gap between the gym and the public. Teaching the public about health and wellbeing and how to mentally be more content and happy with where you are in life is our goal, while giving people the tools to become healthy all around.” She goes on to add; “we want to allow you to see that anything is possible if you change your thoughts and will power.” Derek, a local firefighter and a CMU alumni, says, “It’s learning to choke the mental “I can’t” out of your thought process and seeing that you can do anything you want, both physically and mentally.”

Derek and Kristen have been on a mission to help change people’s lives since opening the gym in 2010. The gym itself is very humble and small. When you walk in people feel the energy from 4 other trainers but also from the members who make it feel like a family. The walls are covered with everything that Derek and Kristen promote, like, achieving your goals and living the life you want. But it goes deeper than that. Derek and Kristen truly care. They want to see you succeed and it shows with how much time and effort they put in to every single visitor or client.

970 Muscle recently opened another location in the Mesa Mall, where the hope to give passerby a taste of the message they are spreading. Their vision is to give people the chance to work with trainers and get on board with a new way of working both your body and mind out. To that end, Kristen and Derek are going to Hawaii to present how their work can positively impact others and help grow this new healthy idea.



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