Music Scene in Grand Junction

Music Scene in Grand Junction

By: Zach Rosenberg

2 February 2017


Locals in Grand Junction, CO have had the luxury of enjoying local and global music within their town. With venues such as the Mesa Theatre and the Avalon, artists are starting to become more hard pressed to play in this wonderful area. This hasn’t always been the case with music in the Grand Valley. The emergence of Colorado Mesa University located in the heart of Grand Junction has opened many different doors for Mesa Theatre and the Avalon to bring in new talent. Students from all over the area can find themselves enjoying funky beats, reggae, rap, rock, and every other genre that starts with the letter R down at these venues. Some featured artists coming to the Mesa Theatre are the reggae group Tribal Seeds, and iconic rapper RiFF RAFF. Tickets are very affordable and occupancy reaches into the hundreds.

Towards the end of 2015, the Mesa Theatre was forced to shut down due to unforeseen circumstances. Many concert goers were forced to stay at home as new management took over. The music scene fell on deaf ears and a shadow of doubt was cast whether or not the theater would open again. Today, Mesa Theater is fully functional with new management and new artists christening the stage every month. Located on Main Street, visitors and locals alike can easily find the venue. Cheers to many more years of the Grand Junction music scene.


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