The Tale of Two Theaters

By: Alissa Whisman

February 3, 2017

Popcorn, candy, and sitting with family and friends is a timeless way to spend this Saturday night in Grand Junction Colorado, but where do you go?

Recently the Regal 14 Cinema is facing new competition with the Picture Show theater opening in late 2016.

The Regal has led the movie theater market since it opened offering 14 theaters, a party room, an arcade, and plenty of snacks. They offer a familiar movie-watching atmosphere with rocking seats on an incline where all, tall and short, can comfortably enjoy the movie. The new theater offers a different experience, with reclining chairs, self-serve ticketing, and reserved seating. While the picture show has fewer theaters they do offer $6 tickets on Tuesdays all day. With a greater number of theaters and more seating, last minute theater decision will more likely fall in your favor. As the Picture shows movie patrons can reserve seats days in advance, the late deciders may come up empty handed, but early planners will come out ahead.

When the Regal Cinema came onto the scene it was the first new theater opened this millennium the Grand Valley. The Carmike 7 Theater was the previous largest theater in the valley. They recently closed their doors after 30 years in the Grand Valley in June of 2016. The Regal Cinema wasn’t the only theater in town for too long as the Picture Shows opened their doors in early November 2016.

Now moviegoers in Grand Junction have two options for their Saturday night of movies. This Saturday night, each theater is showing: A Dogs Purpose, Hidden Figures, Monster Trucks, Split, Sing, and XXX: The Return of Xander King. The only movie Picture Show is showing that the Regal is not is Passengers. The Regal on the other hand is showing a few more films that the Picture Show is not, such as: Rings, The Space Between Us, Gold, The Founder, Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, La La Land, Lion, Manchester by the Sea, The Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, and Moonlight. To see movie times and other showings you can go to their websites:


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