A Different Kind of Fashion Show

A Different Kind of Fashion Show

By Brandon Zinser


Sustainability Council, a student run organization at Colorado Mesa University, is hosting a fashion show with pieces made entirely out of recyclable materials.

The fashion show is putting a new spin on what fashion looks like. Participants are encouraged to create masterpieces with a variety of repurposed materials around their house.

This is the first sustainable fashion show held on CMU’s campus. The school organization is hoping the event will help students understand the importance of living sustainably and bring awareness to the recycling deficit on campus.

“The student body needs to understand the importance of recycling on and off campus. I hope this fashion show gets people to think about their actions and what it means to do your part to keep this planet beautiful,” said Sustainability Council president, Zoey Aldous.
Sustainability Council’s fashion show will feature over 10 different handmade pieces from a variety of CMU students. Contestants will be judged on materials used and overall appearance of their garment.

To participate in the show, garment entries must be turned in by February 10th. The fashion show will be held on February 23rd in the Myer Ballroom on the university campus from .

Sustainability Council has been in operation for one year and hosts a variety of events on and off campus. The river cleanup is one of the most popular events the council puts on. Students rent rafts from the Outdoor Program and float down the Colorado River while picking up any piece of trash in sight.

The main goal of the organization is to bring awareness to students about the importance of leaving a smaller footprint on the earth. Anyone interested in being a part of the council is encouraged to come to the weekly Wednesday meetings at 6:00 pm in the University Center room 230.

The organization hopes to attract more students in the future and become a bigger presence on campus.

Ad for the upcoming sustainable fashion show




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