Colorado’s Favorite Freddy’s is Coming to Grand Junction

By: Hailey Weddington

February 1, 2017

Freddy’s restaurant is making its way to Grand Junction, Colorado as soon as mid-spring to add fast food diner flair to the area. Freddy’s, known for its steakburgers and frozen custard, has been planning this move since last October when they bought not just one, but two locations in Grand Junction.

The majority of the public reaction around the Colorado Mesa University campus has been largely positive with many students excitedly awaiting the arrival of the fast food joint.

One Colorado Mesa Student, Izamary Rios said, “I am so excited to have Freddy’s finally come to Grand Junction. Back at home we have Freddy’s and every time I come back to school I have the worst cravings for a Freddy’s steakburger. I love their double cheeseburgers and skinny fries. They are absolutely the best.”

The Freddy’s chain has its roots in Kansas where they opened up their first store in Hutchinson, KS 10 years ago. Since then they have expanded to 32 more states with restaurants popping up like weeds.

Sarah Edmondson, a former employee of Freddy’s and current CMU student said when told of the news of their opening, “No way, that is really dope. I worked there for three years and at this point I could probably be at the management level. People always ask me if I ever get tired of the food there and it is so good that could never happen.”

The first Freddy’s being built is on Horizon Drive right next to the Burger King. This location has improved significantly since its purchase date in October as there are not structured walls up on the lot suggesting that opening day is not far off.

The second location is on Highway 6 right near Splish Splash Car Wash. This location has not yet broken ground, but is expected to be completed in Summer 2017.


The Freddy’s on Horizon Drive mid-construction. (Photo by: Hailey Weddington)


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