Los Jilbertos is Always There

By Ismael Ortega

Being a student and being broke almost always go hand-in-hand. Not having money to eat is very common. Most students do not want to eat in the cafeteria and want to eat something with more flavor.

Los Jilbertos a fast food restaurant on North Avenue next to Wells Fargo knows how to provide for students. The J’s as it is known for many is open 24 hours and the specialty is Mexican food. The most popular dish they serve is super fires. It consists of French fries, with roasted meat, cream, guacamole and grated cheese. It can be ordered in a large order for ten dollars or median for five dollars.

It has also become a late-night food place. Getting a one to two A.M. rushes. Catering to people who have just got out of the bars and are hungry or people with a three A.M. craving. Los J’s as it was dubbed. by

Many student go to get something that will be worth the money. Colorado Mesa University student, Jasmine Ponce said, “Los J’s is a good place to go when you are hungry and want to be full but, I don’t want to spend too much money.”

Los Jilbertos will continue to be open 24 hours to everyone who has a late-night craving or fries sound like the best thing I the world after a late night out.


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