Amber Rademacher

Friday, February 4, 2017


(Myself (left) and Liscensed Loan Partner with Guild Mortgage, Bruna Deichmann Kame)

It has been a long road for the Mountain Coast Group, formally the Diva Team, at Keller Williams Colorado West Realty, LLC and their newly renovated location on Main St..

One month since the newly created team moved into the fresh space of the historical Mercantile Building at 546 Main St., they were able to hold their first of two open houses. Open to all agents and affiliates, and sponsored by preferred lenders Guild Mortgage and Fidelity Mortgage, it was an exciting Thursday night. Even many competing real estate companies, agents, and lenders came to support their growth, and share in the excitement.

“We’re happy to see such growth and success of businesses in our industry,” says Sherrie Griegos, experienced agent of Prestige Realty, and friend of the Mountain Coast Group.

With a display of food and drinks, the team hosted to nearly 100 people over the course of the evening, offering tours of the building and showing off the dramatic changes of the lower level where they now reside.

A shared building with well know clothing store, Main Page, and Tapas Mexican Restaurant, all were happy to see the building getting so much attention, and are excited to see the new owners, Andrea Haitz, 38, and Amanda Potter, 34, working on the issues of the old, historical site.

The team has big goals in the future with plans to expand to other areas of Colorado, eventually developing locations across the Unites States. Happy to see their plans in action, the Mountain Coast Group is now well on their way to going from mountains to coasts.



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