Vault to Open in Grand Junction


Vault in construction, photo by Carly Heisdorffer

By Carly Heisdorffer

February 1st, 2017



A new business is set to open in Grand Junction this May that will be a fusion of technology and real estate and will be called Vault.

Owner Matt Telinde bought a foreclosed bank to remodel into a modern co-working space where real estate brokers can rent out office space. His hope is to help rebuild Grand Junction by buying the abandoned buildings and transforming them into new successful businesses.  Vault will act as an incubator to allow real estate businesses to flourish while allowing them space to grow.

“It’s solving the insufficiencies of office spaces”, says Telinde, explaining that the building will be built around technology in the aspect that it can be controlled by a smart phone.

“The building can be opened by a code from your phone and if you haven’t paid your rent then the doors won’t open.” Co-workers can reserve space for themselves to add to the convenience and allow them personal space to get their work done. Telinde will also have a main office in the building. Apart from offering others space, he plans on the building being a sort of “fun-house” for him. He plans on riding around the building on his hoverboard to create a balance of fun and work.

The building flaunts gorgeous glass windows that adds to the modern appeal. It is located near the Dollar Store on North Avenue.


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