1,000 United in Grand Junction

January 21, 2017

By: Megan Mason


Just a day after the presidential inauguration nearly 1,000 people came together downtown Grand Junction, Colorado for the Women’s march. Women, men, and children all united to show their support and raise awareness for civil rights and women’s rights.


Local Colorado Mesa University student, Izamary Rios, attended the event and was glad she did.


“It was inspiring that there were all types of genders and different types of people showing support for a better future” Rios said.


The protest on Main Street consisted of in sync chanting, holding signs, and many shirts that had slogans on them supporting a variety of causes.


“There were so many people and it was empowering to even see so many men there supporting their daughters and their wives” Rios said.


What has first started as a march in Washington quickly became a nationwide Women’s march. Although the march was intended for various reasons, especially rights concerning our American women, many others were also joining the march as an anti-Trump protest. For many people, the Women’s march allowed an outlet for those who were protesting for other issues such as environmental concerns, equal pay, and many other concerns.


“For me, I was really upset about the election and Hillary may have not been the best president but she would have been more equal about everything. Just because we are women does not mean we should earn less” Rios said.


While some of the other marches around the country turned violent, Grand Junction’s march kept a peaceful approach and citizens were allowed to have their voices heard in a calming and civilized manner.  ###


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