Entertainment Worth Your Money

By: Mesa Messenger


Grand Junction needs to bring in and host more events catered to a younger crowd. Grand Junction can be quite the hub for events around the valley. The only problem with most of these events is that they are for a much older crowd. Events like orchestra concerts, silent auctions, and museum education classes. These events are good events I’m sure but when that is all you have to pick from as a twenty something year old, it can be a little annoying.


Grand Junction is a hotspot when it comes to outdoor recreation, where it really falls off is the nightlife. For collaged aged residents there aren’t many options. Over the years Grand Junction has turned into somewhat of a college town. As the university grows the more and more, the more students will be looking around town for things to do. As Colorado Mesa University has grown the town has not. Each year more students come to town and Grand Junction still hosts its same old boring events every year. Students do try these out but how many farmers markets can one student go to before they get sick and tired of it? If you look up and coming events in town the next few ones coming up as of February 8th is the community contra dance, winemaker sweetheart supper and Valentines dance for boomers and seniors. These are events 100% geared toward an older crowd.


Grand Junction isn’t doing everything wrong when it comes to events however; they are making more efforts when it comes to their movie nights at the Avalon and the upcoming film festival. They are on the right track when it comes to these events, but thinking of every younger person in GJ, there needs to be more of them. With Grand Junction being a college town more and more each year, I would think that they would want to keep some of the student’s who graduate, instead of graduating and moving away because they think nothing is going on in this town. If they bring in more events that are catered to a younger crowd they will keep the existing residents but also keep more students here. This will all make for a better town for everyone not just the younger crowd. The more events that younger people go to, the more they will like being in Grand Junction, the more money they will be spending out on the town and that will allow the city to host bigger and better events for everyone in town.


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