Think Big, Go Big

Think Big, Go Big

By: Mesa Messenger Editorial Staff

Owning a business is a life choice some people are able to handle well other aren’t. These are the types of people that help the world move forward. They come up with new ideas that leave people in ah.

They are the ones who are willing to take the risk and jump right in. Entrepreneurs are the ones that are going to change the world for the better.

They will make the tough choices. They are the ones who have deiced to say F*** the traditional system. Entrepreneurs are the ones who decide to go out in the world with the fear of failure filling their head.

There are dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs out in the world today. They want to have control of their life and live it how they want to. These are the people who decided to try to do their one thing.

Deciding to be an entrepreneur is a tough choice that many of these small businesses and large business owners all went through. The innovators went through a stage in their life that they believed would cause a downfall and almost did several times.

Ben Horowitz, author of The Hard Thing about Hard Things Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers, explains this point to the tee. Horowitz talks about his early days when he had started his first company, Loudcloud, which they kept private for years. They were hiring thirty employees a month with snagging the smartest people in Silicon Valley.

Horowitz was a man that had worked at Netscape, for several years and knew that the internet could be the next big thing if there was a more secure way to tackle hence his reasoning to stating Loudcloud.

They had built a company of with 477 employees and was forecasted to make $100 million the next quarter (this is all takes place in 2000).

Inevitable something was going to happen.

On September 11, 2001 the terrorist attack left the market broken as well as millions of people. Loudcloud weren’t able to meet their quarterly bookings. Then their top investor, Atriax who was paying more than $1 million per month, went bankrupt. This was the worst possible outcome for Loudcloud since they were already on track for bankruptcy as well.

Answers are easier to come by if they are thought about in a productive way.

They came up with an idea that would allow for the company to buy Opsware which was the software that Loudcloud ran on. However, they would have to dedicate more employees to modifying the software. Horowitz’s set out to change his company.

Every company/entrepreneur is bound to face a speed bump here or there. The companies that succeed are the ones that power through and find other solutions. They refer to this strategy as being relentlessly resourceful. If they are relentlessly resourceful they are guaranteed to go farther than someone who isn’t.

Every problem has a solution. Entrepreneurs know this better than anyone. If their product or brand isn’t’ working they will find the solution to fix their problem so they can continue to survive and grow.



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