Why Joining Organizations In College Matters

Why Joining Organizations in College Matters

Mesa Messenger Editorial Staff

Joining organizations and clubs on college campuses will prepare students for the work world after college. There are many real-world skills that cannot be learned by reading a book or sitting in the classroom.

College is a time of exploration and learning about strengths and weaknesses. Many students do not take advantage of the numerous clubs and organizations their universities have to offer.

Clubs can range from bowling to dance, and everything in between. There is bound to be a club or organization to suit anyone’s interests. In Grand Junction, Colorado at Colorado Mesa University, there are over 150 clubs and organizations to choose from.

The skills and experiences students receive from being a part of on campus organizations are invaluable. Students have the opportunity to learn, grow, and make mistakes in an environment that is not as serious as the “real world.”

One of the biggest skills organizations teach is teamwork. In most professions, group and teamwork are common practice. People must know how to communicate effectively and work well with others to accomplish various workplace tasks.

According to Skillmeter, a website that helps recruiters measure candidate’s skills, knowing how to work in a team is the number three skill recruiters look for when hiring a potential candidate.

Being a team player is not only essential in the work world, it is something that must be learned and practiced outside of work as well. Nothing is worse than a person who cannot see things from others points of view.

Another skill that students acquire from joining clubs and organizations on campus is being able to communicate effectively with all types of people from various backgrounds.

Since most organizations collaborate with each other for various school events, students involved in extra curricular’s get more practice speaking with and understanding multiple types of personalities and backgrounds.

This knowledge and experience gives students an edge when looking for a potential job after college. The more well-rounded students are, the more valuable they are to a company.

Finally, joining organizations on campus show employers that students are serious about their education and future. It shows that students are willing to go above and beyond to stand out in a crowd amongst their peers.

There are virtually no negatives in joining clubs and organizations. Being surrounded by others who have the same drive and passion can only bring good things.

The first step in joining an organization is stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Too often people are afraid of failure and what others will think. Once that initial fear is conquered, life in general is much more fun and interesting.

Getting to know people in the organization and going to the weekly meetings are some of the best ways to get involved. When students go to the weekly meetings it shows other members that they take their membership seriously.

After students participate and put in the work, they can be paid for doing what they love. Most organizations on campus pay their executive members to run the day to day operations.

At the end of the day it is up to the students whether they want to better themselves, expand their knowledge, and improve their social skills. If all three of those sound good, joining a club or organization on campus is the way to go.



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