Dating On Screen

By: Mesa Messenger Editorial Staff

Over time society has become more accepting of “non-traditional” relationships, but when it comes to the hit reality TV show The Bachelor – the network is pushing boundaries on what people deem as respectable.

Imagine being in a relationship with 25 other people, going on dates that only happen if one has millions of dollars, and partying until the sun comes up. That is exactly what one gets if chosen for The Bachelor. It seems like fun and games until it’s realized that people are actually dating a man in this elaborate style so he can find his perfect mate.

This reality TV show receives more than 15 million views has changed the way that people view relationships. It’s fair to say that there are many ways a person can describe one relationship – it used to be that an “acceptable” relationship was between a man and woman, but as time has evolved so have our relationships. It is no longer taboo to see gay and lesbian couples but more recently polyamory. In this type of relationship more than two people exclusively intimate with each other. Is The Bachelor a way of accepting “new” types of relationships and displaying it as a social norm? Or are the producers of the show trying to validate superior morals of those who watch it?

“You would have to have no self-confidence, and accept the fact that you are no one’s first choice when it comes to that show [The Bachelor]”, says Colorado Mesa University Student Tarry Burkhardt. “Any girl who gets rejected from that show needs to realize that it’s a blessing in disguise. No girl should be treated as the second choice, or in this case the sixteenth choice.”

In reality, people only watch this show to feel better about themselves and the relationships that they are committed to. The show is actually set up like a soap opera that your mom used to watch in the afternoons. It makes us feel as though we don’t have to stoop as low as to competing with 24 other people to get someone to “fall in love” with us.

The only thing that The Bachelor teaches those who watch it is how it promotes unrealistic expectations of women in relationships – That women are supposed to beg for attention from a man who wants to sleep with every last one of his options. It’s more about fame than love. In fact, during a previous season when the man proposed to his future wife, the woman said, “Oh my gosh, I get this.” Instead of “I get you”.

Relationships should be sacred between whomever one is involved with, whether that be with one other person or 25 other people, however, it shouldn’t be paraded around on national television as a reality that’s considered normal.


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