Missing Link In The Story Spanning With Generations

By Mesa Messenger Editorial Staff

Young and old Star Wars fans can come together with a movie that provides a missing link.

The newest Disney movie in the Star Wars franchise is thrilling audiences both young and old and provides fans with a key link between the newer movies and the old trilogy. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is not a part of the old trilogy, the prequels, or newest trilogies; it is a story all on its own. It does however fit in between the new trilogy and the old trilogy.

Rogue One provides back-story to the plot of Star Wars in that it gives a missing link in between the old and new trilogies. The movie tells the story of a team of rebels who fight to get the Death Star plans for the rebellion. It revolves around Jyn Erzo, the daughter of the man who had a big part in designing the Death Star, Galen Erzo.

The movie follows Jyn and her actions in becoming involved with the rebellion to fight against Darth Vader and destroy the Death Star. She, along with a team of rebels including Captain Cassian Andor and the droid K-2SO, travel to the planet Scarif where the plans for the Death Star are being kept. The team successfully steals the plans and gives them to the rebellion, which provides it with hope and ties it into the first movie of the old trilogy, Star Wars: A New Hope.

Even though Rogue One is a Star Wars movie, viewers don’t need to know the whole Star Wars plot to enjoy it. Because it’s unique on its own, it could be a gateway for new fans. Long-time Star Wars fan Megan Johnston says, “Personally, you don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to be a fan of Rogue One.”

So far, Disney has done a good job with bringing Star Wars into a new light and reminding people how good the movies were. They’ve also done a good job of bringing in a newer, younger audience. “The Star Wars franchise now is doing a much better job of catering to both new fans and old since Disney bought Lucasfilm,” says Megan.

With Rogue One and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Lucasfilm has done well with the balancing of CG versus old fashioned movie tactics like costuming and makeup to create the world that is Star Wars. Many fans thought the prequels were okay, but over-used the CG effects to create the world. Keeping with the old ways is just one reason both new and old fans of the franchise can enjoy the new movies coming out.

By bringing old faces into the new movies, Lucasfilm is giving old audiences nostalgic feelings and re-ignite ting their love for the movies. People like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford are brought back into Star Wars to continue the story. Megan says, “People my age and older will love it too.”

If you like Star Wars or if you just like science fiction, action packed movies, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be a great movie for you.


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