Raising Awareness for Human trafficking in Colorado

By Mesa Messenger Editorial Staff

While one of the most watched sporting events aired last Sunday. One of the biggest movement of human trafficking occurred at the same time. More than 27 million men, women and children are forced into manual and sexual labor across the world according to a21.org. One of the leading organization in the fight and awareness of human trafficking.

Colorado is a prime state for human trafficking. Agricultural and tourism plus the combination of I-25 and  I-70 make it easier to move people around. The average age of the victims is twelve and fourteen years old. Mainly runaway children. Colorado School District 51 has 800 homeless children, which 50% of are vulnerable to trafficking.

Many Teen who fall victims to Human trafficking are forced in to sexual trafficking. Most of the victims are sold at an average of $90. Of the 27 million victims, only 270, 000 are rescued each year. Even after being rescued most of the victims go through intensive therapy and rehabilitation.

To effectively combat and make human trafficking awareness more prominent. The prevention and prosecution of human trafficking must be addressed and most importantly the partnerships of local and state government must be involved.

To prevent trafficking the education of it must be available. Reaching any potential victim. So, any education about it must be available to schools, universities and community groups. Education of human trafficking will raise awareness of it and decreasing the likelihood of falling victim to it.

In 2016 alone Colorado had 8, 042 reports of human trafficking. Way more than the 5,961 that were reported in 2015, according to Polaris.org. Human trafficking laws must be strengthened and enforced. Having tougher sentencing in those cases.

Most importantly, the collaboration of State and local governments with community involvement to raise awareness and fight human trafficking I most important. Under the Colorado Department of Public Safety is the Colorado Human Trafficking Council. This council is made up of a collaboration of state, local, and community members. This council has eleven collaborations state wide to raise awareness and fight human trafficking.

National organizations such as the Polaris Project, Urban Light and A21. All fight against human trafficking by educating and assisting the government to stop human trafficking. All these organizations create smaller chapters around the nation to spread awareness.

The prevention and tougher prosecution of human trafficking is important to stop it. the engagement and awareness of the community will put an end to human trafficking.


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