Stay Classy, Not Trashy: Three Easy Steps to Proper Bar Management

By: Mesa Messenger Editorial Staff

Bars and clubs are popular venues for college students and young adults on the weekends in towns like Grand Junction. They’re fun and crazy places to have some drinks with the girls, find a pretty lady for the night, or even just an excuse to get out of the house. Because bars are fairly popular, proper management and etiquette are huge keys in being a successful establishment, and carrying a good reputation. Sometimes in smaller cities like Grand Junction it is difficult to find a bar or club that really shows class and maturity.

Sure, a bar is a bar, how classy can it really be? No one is saying the bar needs to be a five star dining venue with top dollar wine and appetizers, but there are some requirements that move a bar up to a more respectable realm of bars and clubs.

First rule, make sure management and employees are respectful and mature while on the job. If someone walks into a bar and sees the owner or the manager pouring themselves a glass of top shelf whisky or vodka and walking upstairs to the office, that doesn’t reflect positively on the establishment.

Employees want to be respected, so they must be respectful to their customers. If a bartender or cocktail waitress is constantly sneaking shots behind the bar or with customers all night long, the effectiveness of their work will diminish very quickly.

In any business the owner or manager should be present. Being present does not only mean showing up to watch over the workers and leaving once everything is under control. Being present means actively making sure everything is running smoothly with as little problems as possible. Management and staff should work together to make sure the customers are content and comfortable with service and atmosphere. If a problem arises, the manager or owner should be readily available to help in any way possible. A well-run business begins with the head honcho.

Number two. The cleanliness and hygiene of any bar are huge factors when determining whether it is respectable as a business. If someone were to walk into a bar and notice dirty, greasy tables that have clearly been neglected, that doesn’t allow for a great first impression.

A good bar will make sure to keep tables, bars, stools, and floors as clean as possible. Although a bar isn’t necessarily “classy”, it should still be held to the same standards as a decent restaurant.

Whether it’s a nightclub or just a little underground bar, cleanliness of a bar is essential to gain respect and points from the public.

The third rule to proper bar etiquette, and certainly not the last, is providing great atmosphere. Atmosphere of a bar should be one of the first aspects a manager should look at after the foundation is built.

The atmosphere is what draws customers in, and could be what makes or breaks a business.

Good music or entertainment is key. No one likes going to a bar just to sit and sip on a drink. (Not most people anyway) Fun and exciting entertainment should always be offered at a good bar, whether it’s a live band, specials for large sporting events, or even just a great DJ. All of these factors come into play when building a business.

Entertainment should never hit a climax. A good bar should always be thinking of new and fun ways to draw customers in.

On the other hand, if a bar has built a poor reputation, it will be extremely hard to dig themselves out of that hole. If a bar has consistently shown to attract negative people, give poor service, or even just show no responsibility at all for what happens inside the walls of the establishment, then a negative reputation will be built.

No one wants to go to a bar known for being the prime fighting spot, or known for allowing rude, and vulgar behavior.

All three of these rules work together to explain the basic steps to becoming a respectable bar or club. Of course, many other rules and basics fall into the mix, but these are the most essential rules to run a proper and respectable establishment. In smaller cities like Grand Junction many find it difficult to enjoy a quality bar unless it at least sticks to these standards.



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