Unusual Time Travel: Review of Travelers Series

By: Mesa Messenger Editorial Staff


The Netflix original series is a must watch for time travel fanatics as the show creators put a new spin on the old idea.

This series looks at time travel like how Back to the Future and Quantum Leap, which many say may be possible in the future. Such as a Forbes article that interviewed Seth Lloyd who does say that, “From a theoretical physics standpoint,” Back to the Future type of time travel, “is certainly possible, but we still don’t have a very good theory of how it would work.”

The series looks at time travel in a new way as the visitors from the future leaps into a person’s body from their past and our present. While the idea of a consciousness being sent back in time is much like Quantum Leaps Sam Becket, it is a mission with a specific target and not a series of random leaps. Also unlike those whose lives Sam and his team “changed for the better,” when the Travelers jump into their host’s body, it kills the host. Before one sees this time traveling bunch as a unit of killers, it should be noted that their hosts die in the original time line in about 30 seconds. The group sees this as killing one to save the future, or the idea of the greater good.

The future is a world that is overrun with war and a list of problems that they believe will be solved with changes in the present days timeline. This causes them to send teams and teams back to the present day to alter history to save their world in the future. With this in mind the Travelers do what they think they must to save their world as it changes ours.

This series raises question of morality, with ideas like the greater good, only changing events that are sent to them, and assuming other peoples lives. The idea of the greater good is put to the test in this series as the travelers kill their hosts. Then they let people die whom they could save, and they allow the loved ones of their hosts to live without knowing that their loved one has died. Countless times the Travelers are met with opportunities to save the life of someone who is “off mission,” and at times they try to save them and at others they do not. This twist allows the viewers to think of the cause and affect of our current actions and how it may affect the future, as the cause of the dire future is never fully explained.

Could current wars be the cause? Or a technology that is yet to be invented be the cause? Could the entity sending the Travelers back in time be further affecting and damaging the future? That is for the viewer to speculate and ponder as they are faced with the issue of the greater good and time travel. Do they think this is a means to an end or morally unacceptable?

Lloyd from Forbes also goes on to say that the moral implications could be good saying that, “If you think you can go back to change something,” said Lloyd, “clearly you would be tempted to do this. The question is would it do any good?”

When logging back into Netflix and time travel is what the day calls for, watch Travelers. If seeing time travel through with a new twist, it is a must watch for the time travel enthusiast. This series allows viewers to think about the moral implications of time travel and if faced with these circumstances what should be chosen, and if the Travelers choose right. All these aspects have made an amazing and unusual must watch time travel show, so stream it today!


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