Can News Be Funny?

In this podcast we dive into comedic news and does it have a place in news?



Logan McLennan and Ishmael Ortega



3 thoughts on “Can News Be Funny?

  1. Logan McLennan and Ishmael Ortega,

    I really enjoyed your podcast. I like how you exposed SNL for being more satirical rather than newsworthy because often times people think SNL is news.

    However, your podcast is named ‘Can News Be Funny’ but you don’t really answer your question.

    But like I said, I agree that SNL is more opinionated than factual.

    The audio is a little up and down as well, so maybe next time play with that in GarageBand.

    -Alexis Dymek


  2. I enjoyed seeing Ishmael point of view on comedy news and if people are going to watch comedy news they should also read up on real news.

    Um was said a lot throughout the podcast which I personally didn’t enjoy. Also, Logan shouldn’t have had little yup thought out the podcast. He should have let Ishmael talk then add his comment.

    I felt the podcast was very conversational which was nice. It didn’t appear that you were reading a script which I liked a lot.

    Caleb Quimby


  3. Super personal on the podcast. There were a lot of Um’s but didnt seem to take away from what was being said. I really liked the fact that you talked about real news if people do watch comedy news.

    Bross Hannon


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