The Last Jedi Controversy

Star Wars, the Last Jedi trailer, was released Friday the 14th with some controversy revolving around the trailer and the poster.


The poster was giving people the impression that Luke will be on the Dark Side. The poster, seen below, shows the lightsaber starting with blue and turning red hinting that the dark side will be taking over the force.



There will be a fight between light and dark as they have in all other Star Wars films but this one will be one that will decide the fate of the Star Wars franchise. Who will win? Who will find true power? Will Ray become the first gray Jedi or will the dark side take control?


There are a number of questions that people will be asking. Star Wars has done so much amazing work in the past so there is no doubt that this movie won’t be a 10/10.


There will always be those that don’t like the direction that Lucas Films will be taking.


The poster does allow for people to question what will happen and will the Dark Side finally come out on top. With the look of the poster, it looks as if Luke has changed, which many are not a fan of. Why is Luke red and why is he training Ray in a different way than his masters in the past.


We will have to wait until Christmas to see if this controversy is true. We will see if Luke has adopted the Dark Side. We will also see what Ray will be doing with her being The Last Jedi.


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