Alligator Breaks into South Carolina Home

alligator-on-south-carolinaBy Logan McLennan and Ismael Ortega

A South Carolina family was startled on April 16, 2017 with a surprise visit from an alligator on their back porch. The 9 foot alligator climbed 15 stairs to get to the porch and once he made it up there he began to thrash around and knock over their furniture.

When the family realized what was happening out back they were immediately frightened. They rushed out without getting to close and the alligator began to growl and scare the family even more.

The family captured the whole event on their GoPro. They immediately called animal control. In an interview with the family they later thought about why the gator was their can recalled that they put up a new fence that year and it likely blocked its normal migration route.

The family was used to seeing gators as their house backs up to a river where alligators are found very regularly.


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