Netflix Series Causes Controversy in Grand Junction School District

By: Jordan Smith

Recently Netflix released it’s latest original series, ’13 Reasons Why’. The Netflix series has caused controversy around The Grand Valley due to the shows portrayal of teen suicide.

The series is based on a novel that follows high school student, Clay Jensen throughout his journey as he listens to different tapes explaining the reasons why Hannah Baker chose to end her life. Hannah Baker records each tape herself, and dedicates one tape to each of the school-mates who pushed her to her ultimate decision. The Netflix series includes various scenes some say are “too explicit” for a series that is easily accessible to all age groups.

Due to the numerous suicides that have taken place in the Grand Valley, District 51 recently sent home a notice to parents asking them to attempt to talk to their children about the seriousness, and the facts about teen suicide.

A Grand Valley resident who wishes to remain anonymous says “I think the series glamorizes suicide and doesn’t take it serious enough… I think sending home notices to parents is very necessary”.

Brooke Lucero, a CMU senior says “those who view the series negatively probably haven’t read the book, [the book] shows the seriousness of suicide way better than the show does”.

Viewers argue that the series provides no information on how to prevent suicide, or even how to recognize it.

For more information on the letter sent home click here.


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