Fyre Festival Goes Up in Smoke

By: Laura Butler, Ciera Colson, Georgina Rayne

On April 27, the rapper Ja-Rule launched the first ever Fyre Festival, hosted on a remote island in the Bahamas – once owned by Pablo Escobar.  Festival goers were promised “two transformative weekends”, but due to unorganized circumstances, the festival became a scene out of the Hunger Games.


This was first annual Fyre Festival and with roughly 12 thousand dollars a ticket, people were expecting way more than they received. The venue for the event was unfinished, lack of food and water, canceling headliners – such as Blink 182, and poorly set up tents where people slept on towels as beds.


Ja-Rule has stated “this was not a scam” but instead a disaster that occurred out of circumstances “not in his control.”


Fyre Festival was promoted by social media models such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Elsa Hosk. The entire premise behind the festival was to experience the life of a lavish model – fly on a private jet with your best friends, party on a private island, and hang out with elites. Except party goers were treated more like those who go through an environmental disaster with limited resources.


“Honestly, the whole thing seemed too good to be true.” Georgina Rayne, experienced festival goer said. “What first-time event is going to be that extravagant? They definitely bit off more than they could chew.”


Throughout the weekend people were transported back to Miami, then to their rightful cities around the world. The public relations team for the event explained that everyone will be receiving a full refund for plane tickets and the ticket itself.


Fyre Festival is now facing a 100-million-dollar lawsuit by some festival goers because refunding a ticket is not enough for the way that these people were treated.



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