How to Survive if you get Lost

What To Do If You Get Lost In The Wilderness

            An eight-year-old boy and his stepfather went camping over the weekend but nobody heard from them on Sunday when they were supposed to return home. Their family and friends began to worry so they called Search and Rescue to help find them. The two ended up returning home safely but Mark Hart, spokesperson for the Mesa County Search and Rescue has been reminding people what they need to do in order to stay safe when they go hiking or camping.

The first thing he says is to have a plan and then let somebody know and if you have a second plan, let other people know about that also. Someone should always know where you are, even if you plan on going to a basic spot. This way if anything goes wrong and you end up getting lost, the people who know you have a basic idea of where to find you.

Hart also reminds residents there are four basic things to think about before you go hiking or camping and that is food, fire, water and shelter. Always bring a good hat with you because since it’s getting warmer, the sun will be out and have good boots. Always take water with you, even take more than you think you will need. Don’t wait to call 9-1-1 if you get into trouble. If you’re lost and by yourself and your cell phone is dead then hug a tree and hunker down. Search and Rescue crews will find you day or night and it’s easier for them to find you if they know where you started. They have responded 15 calls so far this year. They encourage people to call for help and remember that the services are free.

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