Netflix Series Raises Concern in Mesa County

 New Netflix series raises concern for teen suicide in the Grand Valley

By: Bross Hannon, Kensi Lingk and Zach Rosenburg

May 4, 2017

Netflix released a new series called “13 Reason Why” at the end of March and has already caused deep concerns among parents, school officials and mental health experts in Mesa County. The Grand Valley already struggles with suicide rates doubling the national average in 2015.

13 Reasons Why, is a show about teen suicide as well sexual assault based in a high school setting. Many of the situations from the show display sensitive scenarios that could possibly happen in real life, which can influence the young mind who choose to watch the show.

School officials are taking action by sending out letters and emails to parents and staff making it clear that they want to encourage them to open communication to their children about suicide, and sexual assault.

The letter mentions that “Critics have expressed concerns that the series doesn’t treat the very real problem of teen suicide seriously or realistically and that the series romanticizes teen suicide, which can lead young people as well adults who are considering suicide or may be at risk to believe it’s ok.”

This is something that the Grand Valley has been made aware of and are making the proper steps to ensuring that they are taking action in doing what’s best for the students and the community.

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