Two major bicycle accidents occur in one week

By Joe Azar, Joshua Vorse and Tyler Fransen.

With the weather becoming warmer, more cyclists are bound to go for arid around town. However the rise in cyclists does bring a higher risks of cycling accidents. Early Thursday Morning a cyclist was hit by a car near Grand Junction High School.

As first reported by The Daily Sentinel, an adult male was northbound riding his bicycle when an adult woman heading eastbound collided with the cyclist. The man was injured and taken to the hospital after ambulances rushed to the scene. The exact extents of his injuries are not clear, however the injuries were non fatal. The Grand Junction Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

This isn’t the first crash involving a cyclist and a person operating a vehicle this week. A local surgeon was hospitalized on Wednesday after colliding with another cyclist when he attempted to avoid a truck that moved slightly into the opposing lane. The man was in critical condition according to reports Wednesday night. The other cyclist was injured as well.

The identification of the truck driver has yet to be discovered and nobody has yet to be cited with causing the accident. Grand Junction Police Department are currently investigating that incident as well.


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