Final Project

By: Michael Mandic and Christina Martin

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Last emerging media (Visual Journalism MEMES PDF)

Sharefest in the Grand Valley

By: Christina Martin

April 28th 2017

Grand Junction’s local churches teamed up on Saturday to help spread good deeds across the valley in the 10th Annual Sharefest.

Once a year most of the churches around the grand valley come together as one to help spring clean for those who are unable to in a large event called Sharefest.

Sharefest has been in the valley for the last few years. Churches such as Monument Presbyterian Church and Redlands United Methodist Church teamed up to build a ramp for a disabled woman whose husband passed away earlier this year and was unable  to have a professional come out and build the ramp for her. Up until the ramp was built she would crawl on her hands and knees across the porch.  Other churches and groups will also gather around the Grand Valley to help paint or repair a fences, do lawn care or house maintenance for those who are unable to accomplish them. The churches not only want to do good within the community and help out, but to show that no matter the religion that we can pull together as one to help do good deeds from one another.

This last Saturday was yet another successful event for Sharefest. Having the disabled woman  who now has a new ramp in the front of her house. Wiping tears from her face of joy that people are so willing to help do a something for someone that is down on their luck.

The Churches of Sharefest take pride in the efforts that bring so much joy to those who need help in their community. This being the 10th annual Sharefest it looks as those there is no slowing down for the following years.

In the end Sharefest has brought the community together on a positive note. Making sure our fellow neighbor and friend are in good working shape for the year to come is what makes the Grand Valley one of a kind.


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