Teen Suicides May Be Linked to Netflix Show

By Logan McLennan and Ismael Ortega


District 51 in Mesa County has seen an alarming number of suicide completions in their schools this year. This year alone there has been a rising problem and the school district and parents are asking themselves why this is happening.


A lot of staff and parents are now looking at a Netflix show called “13 Reasons Why”. The show follows 2 girls who have already completed suicide. One of the girls, Hannah has left cassette tapes with the 13 reasons why she completed suicide.


Some people who have criticized the show have said that the show romanticized suicide in a way and doesn’t give the full story and consequences of what its like to go through something like this as well as how it affects the people around them.


The show is rated as mature and D51 is encouraging parents to talk to their kids about the show even if they haven’t watched it. Parents have found out that they didn’t know their children had watched it and should be getting a gauge on how it affected their children good or bad.



District 51 has told parents to keep an eye on their kids for emotional and or sleeping problems and consulting professionals if they feel the need to. There are also other avenues such as a text line at 38255 or visit safe2tell.org.


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